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Vice Dean for Advancement

Melissa McKillip headshot. Melissa McKillip
Vice Dean for Advancement

Melissa McKillip has responsibility for the integrated management of the philanthropy and strategic partnerships, communications and marketing, alumni and community engagement, and external affairs functions for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. She is a member of the Executive Dean's Leadership Team.

Office of Alumni and Community Engagement

Brian McGonigle headshot. Brian McGonigle
Manager, Office of Alumni and Community Engagement

The Office of Alumni and Community Engagement is designed to amplify public events of the school and experiment station to enable diverse audiences to experience and become more fully engaged in the work of the university. Their audiences include alumni, students, faculty, staff, retired faculty and staff, and stakeholders of all kinds who wish to be connected to the learning and sharing of the school and experiment station.


Michael J. Green headshot. Michael J. Green
Director, Office of Communications and Marketing

Mike Green is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Office of Communications. He ensures that organizational communication needs are met and new communication tools are developed, implemented, evaluated, and reengineered as necessary to meet our clientele's needs. As part of the Executive Dean's office, Mike works with university units, the school, and the experiment station to ensure greater organizational coordination, consistency, and clarity of all communication.

Media Relations

Paula Walcott-Quintin headshot. Paula Walcott-Quintin
Executive Communications Specialist, Office of Communications and Marketing

Paula Walcott-Quintin is responsible for internal and external communications related to the Office of the Executive Dean, including speeches and presentations as well as provides content, input, and feedback on major Office of Communications publications, including annual reports. She also provides writing and editorial support for web spotlights and for the Newsroom.

Administrative Support

Moira Keihm headshot. Moira Keihm
Administrative Coordinator, Division of Advancement