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Cook College is a unique educational institution offering inter-disciplinary, problem-oriented programs in environmental studies as well as traditional programs in the arts and sciences. Many of th e programs formerly offered by the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science have been incorporated in Cook College curricula. Students enrolling in Cook College embark upon an exciting and challenging educational adventure.

- Charles Hess, First Dean of Cook Col lege, 10/25/73.

Cook College, Rutgers University, was named after George H. Cook, a celebrated 19th century scientist and educator.  The College celebrated its 30th year in 2003, when we began the Cook History project. The philosophy and goals that were first established in 1973 are still very fresh and alive today, even though the name of the college has become the School of En vironmental and Biological Sciences.

It is the goal of the Cook History Project to research, collect and document those very first aspirations of the institution and its predecessors. Through interviews with former deans, alumni and friends of Cook College (and today, S.E.B.S.), along with information found in original Green Print school newspapers and original photographs, we hope to tell the story of transformation from the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science (CAES) to the nationally reknowned land-grant school, Cook College (1973-2006), and School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (2006-   ).

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Bonnie J. McCay, Dept. of Human Ecology, Cook College, Rutgers the State University

For more information, contact Cook History Project.
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